Four basic concepts for playing SKWIM

Lesson 1

Explaining the game of SKWIM to a group competitive swimmers can happen in less than two minutes.

Group of swimmers at a country club meet in Greensburg, Pennsylvania, learn how to play SKWIM from Coach Mark. After a brief huddle, the kids are ready for action in the pool.

1. No physical contact among players.

Like the game of Ultimate, there is no physical contact among players. Guard the opponent close, but don't touch or grab the other player. Likewise, when a player has the disk, others can't grab the disk out of his or her hand. 

2. Sinking the disk is a loss of possession.

In water polo, the call from the referee is, "Ball Under." A player can not sink the ball. The same concept occurs with SKWIM. When a player sinks the disk, the opposing team gets possession of the disk. 

3. Hold the disk for no longer than three seconds -- not four.

Within three seconds, the disk must be sent along with an attempted shot or pass. Players that hold the disk for four seconds cause a turn-over and the other team takes possession.  

4. No "Airmail" passing or shooting.

Slide the disk off the water to make valid passes and shots. Passes between players on the same team must hit the water.

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