Scoring Goals

Lesson 2

Play SKWIM three different ways, in terms of the goal systems.

If you don't have the official goals, you can still play the game with the other two alternative styles. 

The video shows some clips from an 8th-grade physical education class at CDM Jr. High School.

Considering the physical goals of SKWIM.

Three options exist for setting up your SKWIM lagoon, depending on your swimming facility.

Premiere, Island, Floating Goals

The best way to play SKWIM is with the premiere goals.

Regulation SKWIM goal at Ammon pool.

Official SKWIM goals float in the water. These goal allows players to score from all directions. The floating goals stay in place in the pool because they are tethered with a white-plastic chain to a weighted bag resting on the bottom of the pool. These goals work any pool or body of water without any modifications to the facility.

Slot Style

Use the pool's gutter to play SKWIM, making the game move like Air Hockey, a table game with a fast moving puck and slot-style goals at the edge of the table.

Slot style game uses the pool's gutter as the goals.

Ultimate Style

Establish end zones, as used in the games of American football and rugby, for scoring goals. Generally, the end zones are marked with cones or kick-boards placed on the deck. Often the end zones begin where the backstroke flags reside. Then the end section of the competitive swim course serves as the end zone.

Player with a disk and edge of the red zone.

Grab the passed disk in the end zone to score a point for your team. 

swim pool with goals

Illustration of one possible way to set up the course for SKWIM with the floating goals.

Commercial vendor in Florida,, is a source for purchasing the equipment for SKWIM including: disks, fins, boundary system and floating goals.

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Slides of SKWIM being played in school physical education classes.

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