Quick Transitions and Few Interruptions

Lesson 3

Grab and Go

SKWIM is designed as a fast-moving game. 

  • Wearing the fins makes the swimming faster. 
  • Holding the disk no more than three-seconds makes the passing faster. 
  • After a goal, a player on the defending team (most recently scored upon) simply takes the disk out of the goal, or the gutter, or the end-zone and play begins again.

Often, there are only tiny breaks in the action between the scoring of a goal and the resumption of play.

Playing SKWIM builds fitness and endurance. A high-pace to the game elevates the heart rate, engages the muscles of the entire body and helps everone gain in their swimming stamina. 

Natural breaks in the action

Within every game, breaks are provided for each quarter.

Often the first quarter arrives when the leading team reaches its fifth goal. Take a break. Switch sides of the pool. Allow teams to figure out and discussion some game strategies. 

Half-time comes when the first team reaches 10 goals. Third quarter break happens with the winning team reaching 15 and the game is played to 20.

  • Quarter 1 concludes when leading team reaches 5 goals.
  • Quarter 2 concludes when leading team reaches 10 goals. Half-time!
  • Quarter 3 concludes when leading team reaches 15 goals.
  • Quarter 4 concludes when leading team, winning team, reaches 20 goals. 

Sometimes players put on, take off or adjust their fins at the break times. 

In longer sessions, hydration and rest-room breaks are welcomed.

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