RED, a key to understanding the logic

Lesson 1

RED = Response + Endurance + Distance

The easy way to remember the first four levels of the SKWIM Certification is to think R-E-D. 

  • R is for Response. Make good decisions. Respond the right way. Remember what to do.
  • E is for Endurance. Can the swimmer endure and survive, alone, in deep water, for a period of time that is up to 5-minutes (Level 1), 10-minutes (Level 2), 20-minutes (Level 3) or 40-minutes (Level 4).
  • D is for Distance. How far can a swimmer swim? Can one travel for 100 yards or meters (Level 1), 200 yards or meters, (Level 2), 500 yards or 400 meters (Level 3), or for 1,000 yards or a 1K swim distance (Level 4).