Show up and play.

Lesson 2

Victory Awaits (logo)

Coach Mark's Winning Formula is simple.

Formula for Winning = Show Up + Score More Points

The first step is showing up. Feel invited. Know when and where to go. Make the decision to attend. Engage. You've got to show up. We need to teach it to our kids, share it with our families, display it with our actions. Showing up is important. You can't win in life if you don't show up. 

A mission as program leaders is to roll out the red carpet and make the sign-up as easy as possible. Click on the MeetUp page and let us know you're coming.  

MeetUp page invites

Pubic announcements

Getting the word out about events takes plenty of heavy lifting. Web pages, email, tweets, posting to calendars and forums. All in all, do whatever you can to spread the news.

Example of email blast:

Message sent to a group of other dads in the South Side, my neighborhood network:

Subject: Kids and adults from the South Side are invited to sneak into the new swim pool at Mt. Lebo on Friday evening

Hi All -- and especially the fellow Pops!

Help. I'm launching a new community program for the region, but it is being held in Mt. Lebo -- and I'd love for you and yours to consider joining me this Friday at the first date. Show up at 7:15 pm, stay to 9 pm. Bring your swim suit and fins if you have them.

Adults, mentors, coaches, guardians, parents, teachers, lifeguards, future-lifeguards, big-brothers, aunts and uncles -- all invited -- plus the kids of course. Should be able to swim. Ideal for middle-school and high school kids.

The inter-generational thing is the twist so we can play aquatic games -- mainly SKWIM -- and work on teamwork, sportsmanship, fitness, swim stamina (of course) and toss in a bit of water safety. .

Feel free to pass along this invite, far and wide.

Next month we'll start some Sunday events, 2-4 pm, at the new pool at Moon High School. But, first things first

Thursday evening I have to go to the airport, so I don't expect to be at the anniversary event, sadly. But, hope to see yinz the next day at the pool.

Mark Rauterkus
Executive Director of SKWIM USA, a 501(c)(3)
The Pittsburgh Project - swim coach and head lifeguard
Middle School Swim Coach at The Ellis School
Former Varsity Boys Swim Coach, Pittsburgh Obama Academy
Sabbatical for 2018: PPS Summer Dreamers' Swim & Water Polo
Pittsburgh Combined Water Polo Team

412 298 3432 = cell

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