SKWIM at North Park

"SKWIM helps kids and adults with water safety, fitness and plenty of other soft skills such as sportsmanship and teamwork. Come play SKWIM.

Coach Mark Rauterkus

Group of SKWIM players and Coach Mark Rauterkus at Moon.

SKWIM players at Moon Area High School on the first day of SKWIM practice on Sunday, October 21, 2018. New players, adults and kids, are welcome to join us from 2-4 pm on Sundays in the fall in 2019. 

Schedule of activities in Pittsburgh, PA, USA, is at

SKWIM's inventor on a podcast with the Water Warriors

Listen to the podcast with the inventor of SKWIM, Kevin McCarthy. If you’re a swimmer just beginning or what you would call a good swimmer and want to have more fun and get a workout to push yourself, to become better swimming while learning about water safety, this game may be just for you. If you’re a pool operator and looking for an interactive game to be played in the water at your facility, whether that be inside or outdoors and looking for a way to generate more revenue, then SKWIM may be the answer for you.

In the opinion of the show host, SKWIM checks of all the boxes, this podcast answers many of questions, how SKWIM can benefit your program while teaching water safety for those that you serve. Let’s not forget about your staff and lifeguards who need that time in the water to become stronger swimmers.

Click image to go to the podcast page.

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