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Be knowledgeable and aware

Most youngsters grow up on land don't know the water and its environment. None are born with the knowledge and instincts. A duck, a fish, an amphibian, -- sea birds -- they know how to swim and what to do, generally, unlike humans. 

Kids are top heavy, unaware, easily distracted and delicate. Only a few moments in the water can lead to life-changing results and worse, perhaps death. 

We can hope for good luck and good fortune throughout the entire year. That's the meaning of the hex sign at the top of this lesson. But, let's prepare our youth and give them the insights and knowledge so that they can make better decisions when confronted with different aquatic settings.

Life is a Team Sport

Each quiz can be taken with the help of a friend or guardian. The questions can be launch points for further discussions. 

Advance -- if you can

This page lists four buttons, each to a different quiz level. Explore. When visitors to the site start the quiz progression from the home page, only Level 1 Quiz is available. Once the Level 1 quiz is completed with 80% correct, then the option to take the next quiz is provided. If the test is not passed, re-take it. People can re-do the test again and again. All are encouraged to get a perfect score on every test. 

Lucky - or- Smart? Rather, be both.  

Let's prepare and have the knowledge and wisdom to respond with critical, water-safety decisions that can keep us alive and healthy.

For sure, let's be lucky and smart.

Respond with the correct decisions.

Response – a SKWIM quiz for four different levels


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Great knowledge, or good luck? Knowing what to do in aquatic situations helps in staying safe. Being an insightful leader around the water includes making good decisions for yourself and for others. 

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About the teacher

Mark Rauterkus

Coach Mark, the executive director of the nonprofit 501(c)(3) of SKWIM USA, lives and coaches in Pittsburgh, PA, USA, where he helps to lead swim, SKWIM and water polo activities for a wide range of participants.